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1.  All I Need Is Jesus

2.  Before The Blood Was Dry

3.  The Great I Am

4.  It'll Be Worth It

5.  Just Having Church

 6.  Garden of Stone

 7.  It's Coming Down

 8.  Mama's Teaching Angels

 9.  I'm Still Dancing

10. I Can't Even Walk

Live At The Crabb Family Homecoming DVD    


1.  Just Having Church

2.  Master, Will You Look My Way

3.  Every Time He Drove A Nail

4.  I Before The Blood Was Dry

5.  Gonna Be Moving

6.  Go Close The Windows

7.  If There's A Phone

8.  Wish You Were Here

 9.  I'll Fly Away

10. Let Tomorrow Be A New Day

11. Clinging To A Saving Hand

12. When God Unfolds A Rose

13. Help Me Get Down On My Knees

14. It'll Be Worth It After All

15. He's The Great I Am

Terry Terrell's Greatest Hits    


1.  The Loneliest Time

2.  Here Comes His Grace Again

3.  Nail Scarred Hands

4.  The Missing Piece

5.  Let's Put God Back In America Again

 6.  Mother's Day

 7.  Covered In Blood

 8.  Knowing There is a Heaven

 9.  When Jesus Comes Into Our Town

10. What A Memory

A New Beginning       



1. Rise Again

2. Wishes

3. Dr. Jesus

4. Just As I Am

5. Vacation

6. Wish You Were Here

7. I Found The Lily

8. Sing One More Time

9. Too Much To Gain


Hear all your favorites on this video of Terry shot live at The Crabb Family Homecoming  
Live At The Crabb Family Homecoming VHS Video Tape    


1.  Let Me Come To You

2.  When God Unfolds A Rose 

3. Already Out Of The Grave

4. I Miss You

5. Just As If You Were Here

 6. He Still Parts The Red Sea

 7. Open Arms

 8. Keep Me In Your Will

 9. There's No Other Way

10. One Love

My Journey CD



 Temporarily Unavailable




   1.  Help Me Get Down On My Knees  

   2.  Savior, Faithful, Friend

   3.  I'll Fly Away

   4.  If There's a Phone in Heaven

   5.  That's How God Forgives

   6.  Get Me To Jesus

   7.  Go Close The Windows

   8.  Get Down On Your Knees (And Fight Like A Man)

   9.  Two Little Feet

  10.  Gloryland Hold On

Back On My Feet CD






1. Every Time He Drove a Nail

2. Before the Blood Was Dry

3. The Door

4. Sometimes It Takes a Storm

5. Not The Great I Was

 6. There's An Easter Lily

 7. Gardens of Stone

 8. It's Coming Down

 9. Hungry Eyes

10. All I Need is Jesus

The Door CD

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1. Cornerstone

2. You'll Never Pass This Way Again

3. Don't Tell Mama

4. Fight On

5. In Loving Memories

 6. When I Touch You

 7. Let Tomorrow Be A New Day

 8. I Can't Even Walk

 9. Footstomping

10. Help Me Stand, Lord

Let Tomorrow Be A New Day CD







  1. I'm Still Dancing

  2. God Made A Man

  3. Just Having Church

  4. Daystar

  5. It Will Be Worth It After All

  6.  Hotel Hallelujah

  7.  Everything He Touches

  8.  I'd Really Like To Know

  9.  Master Look My Way

 10. Mama's Teaching Angels How To Sing

Just Having Church CD

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1.  Stand Toe To Toe (With The Devil)

2.  Clinging To A Saving Hand

3.  Good Old Gospel Singing

4.  Another Year


5.  There's Still Time

6.  Waiting Down Here

7.  A Quiet Walk With God

8.  These Things I Possess

9.  The Rough Side

Another Year CD






1. Master, Look My Way

2. He Is My Everything

3. Ride Out Your Storm

4. Tears Will Never Stain (The Streets of That City)

5. Now I Have Everything

6. Don't Let Me Go

7. Lost In The Presence

8. Why Would A King

9. Glimpse Of Heaven

Master, Look My Way CD







1. Jesus Saves Today

2. After All

3. Perfect Love

4. Gonna Be Movin'

5.  Ain't That Just Like Jesus

6.  Just To Feel Your Presence

7.  Prayer Changes Things

8.  Heaven Will Never Welcome A Sweeter Mama

9.  Won't Somebody Call My Name Tonight

Terry Joe Terrell CD