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1.  Stand Toe To Toe (With The Devil)

2.  Clinging To A Saving Hand

3.  Good Old Gospel Singing

4.  Another Year

5.  There's Still Time

6.  Waiting Down Here

7.  A Quiet Walk With God

8.  These Things I Possess

9.  The Rough Side

Another Year CD


1. Master, Look My Way

2. He Is My Everything

3. Ride Out Your Storm

4. Tears Will Never Stain (The Streets of That City)

5. Now I Have Everything

6. Don't Let Me Go

7. Lost In The Presence

8. Why Would A King

9. Glimpse Of Heaven

Master, Look My Way CD



1. Jesus Saves Today

2. After All

3. Perfect Love

4. Gonna Be Movin'

5.  Ain't That Just Like Jesus

6.  Just To Feel Your Presence

7.  Prayer Changes Things

8.  Heaven Will Never Welcome A Sweeter Mama

9.  Won't Somebody Call My Name Tonight

Terry Joe Terrell CD